Look Up 2019

Connect, me whakawhanaunga

Look Up is a conference all about well-being. It’s for youth and organised with youth. It’s a space to explore and learn about ways to wellbeing. Look Up 2019’s theme was Connect, me whakawhanaunga. Thanks to everyone involved! It was such a great day.

2019 Guest speakers

Taaniko Nordstrom

Taaniko first dreamed up Soldiers Rd Portraits in 2011. Soldiers Rd Portraits is about helping people connect with their cultural identity and whakapapa through portraiture. Taaniko finds the key to the work she does is whakawhanaungatanga. Taaniko says she appreciates the opportunity to speak at Look Up 2019; “Ngā Mihi for the chance to connect with our people and share stories of who we are and who we should be aiming to be!”

Vanessa Crofskey

The Chinese Community

wouldn’t know the word for depression

if it ran down the lines of our family tree like a cancer.

If before our heads hit the ground

it was night sweats sweet pillow talk,

the hardship of our ancestors.

An excerpt from writer and artist Vanessa Crofskey’s poem ‘I Don’t Know the Word for Depression in Mandarin’. Vanessa will speak to how connecting to others is key to coping and recovery.

2019 Workshops

The Mental Wealth Project

Everyone has mental health. Learn how to look after your mental health to create ‘Mental Wealth’ in this workshop from Le Va. Make yourself rich in mental wealth so you can spend it on taking care of yourself and others.

How to run a kick-ass campaign

Zoe Palmer was horrified to hear that a specialist service that helps Nelson youth in times of crisis was being merged into the adult service. So she did something about it. Find out how Zoe went about running a kick-ass campaign and come away with the knowledge to go about taking action on something that matters to you.

Mana Movement

Activate and reawaken the body, mind and soul connection by invigorating the mana within. Participants will learn movement exercises based on contemporary dance techniques and modern Maori movement as well as relaxation and yoga practice. The workshops are a safe and supportive environment to explore new perspectives and have fun moving to music. Through our mana-enhancing language and movement you will walk away feeling connected to self, and confident to stand in your own mana.

Making kahoa

Learn how to make a Tongan-style kahoa lole or lolly lei from ribbons and lollies. These leis are created to give to others as a sign of affection, greeting or appreciation. They are also given on special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Come along and make one to acknowledge someone special in your life.

Many thanks to the supporters of Look Up 2019