LookUp 2019

Connect, me whakawhanaunga

Connecting is one of the five ways to well-being, identified by the Mental Health Foundation. At LookUp 2019 we will hear inspiring personal stories of the role connection has played in people’s lives. We will explore how connection can boost our well-being and how it can get us through really difficult times. We will explore a huge range of ways to connect- with the important people in our lives, with our community, and with the land. The day will be an opportunity for sharing and learning from each other, and of course, a chance to build new connections across Tāmaki-makau-rau.

The day will include:

  • Educational and inspirational speakers
  • Engaging workshops
  • Opportunities to share ideas and experiences
  • Inspiration to share with people in your communities
  • Food and prizes!

Join us on Thursday 15 August!

LookUp is a free conference. But we need you to register. Then we know we’ll have plenty of kai!

Registration for LookUp 2019 isn’t open yet. But you’ve found the right place! Save Thursday 15 August for LookUp 2019

Many thanks to the supporters of LookUp